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Arrowhead Golf Club was founded in 1965 by community members desirous of a golf facility. Shares of common stock were sold to fund the project of building a 9 hole facility. Aided by his wife, Mr. Ernie Eley served dual roles as the first superintendent and the club manager. In 1992, the board of directors went ahead with the expansion plans to form what is our current 18 hole facility. During this expansion, the pro shop was moved into a separate building adjacent to the clubhouse and equipped to house the golf car fleet as well as the golf club storage areas. The Arrowhead Golf Club, through it dedicated board of directors, strives to offer a blended golf experience for the community it serves.


2211 Dirksen Rd, Minster, OH 45865 | ProShop: 419.628.3111|  The Bunker: 419.628.4030